What My Clients Say

"During some very difficult and emotional times in my life, Tracy has been there, guiding and supporting my journey every step of the way.  Tracy's compassion, empathy, and open-mindedness has allowed me to continue gaining personal insight into experiences I thought had gotten the best of me. With her kind and gentle ways, Tracy had encouraged my growth on the deepest of levels and always ensures to check-in on my progress along the way.  Without Tracy, I believe that I would not have achieved the overall balance and stability I was seeking.  I am very grateful to Tracy for teaching me how to grow as a spiritual being and I know that she will be there for me should I ever need her support and expertise in the future. Namaste."

– T.H.- Mom of 3


My experiences with Tracy have been nothing but exceptional. Not only does her personality brighten your day after only minutes of conversation, but her ability to allow you to leave her office feeling completely revived and re-energized is what I love the most about Insight. I personally have experienced the Chakra Balance Treatment, which is something I would never initially book an appointment for. I can tell you that I am so happy Tracy mentioned it to me & explained what the benefits of this treatment could be. I learned a lot about myself and discovered some important things that have allowed me to start the process of letting go of what I no longer need to hold onto. This has assisted me in coping with daily stress. I will definitely continue to see Tracy and experience more treatments, including those that I’ve already tried and ones that I haven’t yet had the opportunity to. Thank you, Tracy!”

– C.C.-always dreamed of being a mom


" Do you believe in the universe giving you signs?  Well I do and it guided me back to Tracy and I will be

forever grateful that it did. I had come to a point in my life where I was lost, full of anxiety and guilt. I

had lost all sense of my self-confidence. I didn’t know why I felt this way, I just knew I was very

unhappy. I knew it was time for a change in my life. I was watching my life pass me by and not enjoying a

minute of it. With working with Tracy, I have begun to trust my intuition again, gain my confidence back

and say no to things guilt free. I have started to find my voice again. It hasn’t been an easy journey and I

know there is a lot more work to be done but Tracy has given me the tools and support I need to get


– A.J.

I started seeing Tracy for life and business coaching at a time when I had lost my passion for my career and life path. I was turning 50 and had come through a year of big changes. Tracy gave me my life back. She helped me discover my values, passions, life purpose, and excitement for everything. 

I didn't find my old self, I grew into a person with passion, joy, gratitude, and reignited for career and personal life.

Tracy is now a part of my wellness and self-care. I look forward to more coaching and time with her. All of this makes me a better mom too, but my reason to see her was for me.

Tracy is experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate, and genuine. Make an appointment for tea. Tracy had such an impact on my life at a time when I needed it. 

 A.M.- Moms of 2


 In my line of work I am constantly on the go and find very little time for myself or my health.  I was also unsure of the real benefit of natural healing but took the leap of faith & paid a visit to Tracy.
The initial interview was a wake-up call & the treatment resulted in a refreshed feeling that I really needed. On the follow-up session, I put her to work as a result of significant pain in my lower body & with the reflexology skill and the Reiki, the pain is significantly reduced. I would never have believed it.
Looks like I’ll be going back. Thanks for your help Tracy.”

– B.H.


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