My Story &

Why I do What I do

I was born in New Westminster, while growing up I was faced with situations that have made me who I am today. School was a challenge, as I did not start learning to read until I was in grade 3. I can remember asking my teacher for help, she said to talk to the librarian, he said “that isn’t my job go to your teacher”, I didn’t ask anyone else. Later we moved and I can remember on my first day at the new school I was introduced to my new classmates at playtime, I asked a girl if I could play with her and she said “no”, I didn’t want to ask anyone else.

Rejection and disappointing others kept coming up throughout my life, from friends and family to coaches and complete strangers. As a child and through growing up, I do not remember getting much praise for doing my best. The negative or what I could have done better was the focus, rarely what I had done well. It got to the point where it was hard to convince myself that I was doing anything “right”. Failure and mistakes were so programmed within me as a bad thing that I completely feared them. I was going through life doing what would please others.


I had to grow up quicker than most and with that, I got engaged at the young age of 19. This too was portrayed as a disappointment as “I was too young, my life would be over and, say good-bye to my career”. We were planning on starting a family right away and I became pregnant shortly after our wedding. We were so excited but the reaction I got was, “I wish you had of waited and got your career done”. I had a miscarriage, which was devastating. My four pregnancies to follow were similar reactions, “it was too close to the last”, “I thought you were done” or “I guess I’m happy for you”. An extremely exciting time was made into such a disappointment or that I did something wrong.

During my fourth pregnancy, I had a realization. I was miserable, depressed, my marriage was failing and I became desperate to find “me”. I didn’t get it. I had a well-paying job clearing over $110,000/year, I had benefits, a pension plan, getting the praise I always wanted and a family with three amazing children and a fourth on the way, I was lost. I started seeing a counselor and quickly realized I was on the wrong path mentally and spiritually. Once I dug deep within myself, I found happiness in just the thought of going back to my original diploma and what I love doing as a Natural Health Practitioner.

Every challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow, and better myself. I have been able to overcome many hurdles just by changing my mindset and by becoming self-aware and self-observant.

It is my absolute passion to assist others. I love seeing my clients overcome their challenges and it warms my heart to assist them along the way. It is a rewarding and incredible feeling to see their shift(s) that allow them to move forward in their lives. A quote I often share is; “The only person in control of my happiness and success is me.”

These life events have made me who I am and why I am so passionate about assisting other moms. This is why I am a Natural Health Strategist .

My Vision Statement:
“For all moms to think of themselves as extraordinary!”


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