How to Get More Time - Give Yourself ‘You’ Time.

May 18, 2018

If I said to you, “If you give yourself 15 minutes a day for ‘you’ time, it would give you more time”, would you believe me?


It’s true.


Often, what I see and hear from my clients is “I am too busy”, “I don’t have any time”, and “I have too much to do”. However, when we start breaking down what is making them “too busy”, it is often the unnecessary items on their to-do list.

It’s an unspoken belief that when our list is full and long, we are busy - and therefore, important; we have purpose and value. In reality, the busier we keep ourselves, the more disconnected we become from who and what we want to be. The result? Frustration, overwhelm, anger, lashing out, a short temper, and less time to enjoy life.

Sound familiar?


Don’t fret. The solution is as simple as flicking a light switch. Ok, maybe you have to flick it a few times to get it to stay, but repetition is a necessary part of the process of changing a habit. So be easy on yourself.

Carefully consider each item on your to-do list. Ask yourself, “What is really important?” “What are must-dos?”, “What are things that can wait, or aren’t important and can be eliminated?”, and finally “What can I delegate?”


This will free up more time for you. Even if some tasks just take a few minutes of your day, freeing them from your schedule can add up to larger segments of time to devote to what’s important. Trust me, every minute counts!


Remember, you do not need to do it all. It is ok to ask for help from family and friends, to get your children involved in chores to lighten the load and teach them life skills they need. You don’t have be superwoman. That is the beautiful thing about community - we work together, and everyone can do their part. Let go of the guilt that burdens you with the belief you need to be doing more; just do your best.


Do your best. Do what you can. Take time for you. Rest. Be Present.

Tracy Munson
Support for Moms

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