3 Quick Tips to Get Your Email Inbox Out of Overwhelm

February 21, 2018

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your email inbox? Do you avoid it because there is so much coming in? Are you missing important emails because of the overwhelm of the "junk"?

I was....

I was the person that would clean up my inbox every few month.....or so, and miss some important emails because they didn't stand out.



3 Quick Tips to Get Your Email Inbox Out of Overwhelm


1. Start with what is in your email inbox now. Unsubscribe to any emails that you haven't opened or usually ignore.



2. Take it day by day. As new emails come in, unsubscribe to the ones that, again, you haven't opened in a long time or usually ignore. 



3. Limit new email subscriptions & Maintain. It can be tempting to sign up for many of the amazing offers and email lists out there, however, this can lead to inbox overwhelm. Sign up for the ones that you know you use and are looking for. When you're done with them and are no longer reading or even opening them- unsubscribe.



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With Gratitude & Appreciation,
Tracy Munson

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