Create MOM Balance- It is Unique to You!

June 29, 2017


A blog post, for me, is usually prompted by a common theme or topic brought forward by multiple people.


The recent theme is, balance.


Finding balance in life. Balance between work, family, husband, yourself, and finding time for things like hobbies. 


It is not necessarily about "finding" the balance in your life, but creating it. 


What does that look like? Well the answer is unique to you.


It is so easy to get caught up in the overwhelm of life and all that things that you need to do. The to-do list that is forever growing it seems, the kids, your husband, finances, your home, meals, chores-- all make it easy to keep "too busy".


Do you find yourself saying you're "too busy" to do something?

- Too busy to hangout with your friends?

- Too busy to do something you love-- a favourite hobby or activity?

- Too busy for time with your children or husband?


One of the first steps that I suggest to my clients is to-- Let go of the little things...



Is there anything in your life, on your to-do list, that you don't necessarily like or want to do?


Can you delegate any of those tasks on to someone else? What on that list can your children assist with?


(Here is one of many ideas that can assist you in free up some time.) 


This is a big one! It comes right from my book, "The Busy Mom's Greatest Companion"--Let your kids help with your to-do list. You do not need to do everything yourself. Delegate. Children really do love to help. Plus, it doesn't do anyone any favors for you to do it all. 


This is a challenge for you to let go of your way of doing things. The chores may not be done perfectly or how you would do them, but it helps and is less for you to do. Honestly, even if it saves you a couple minutes, those couple minutes add up! When kids help, they are left feeling accomplished and proud. This also teaches them necessary life skills that they need. 


Here are just some ideas:


Age 2-3:

  • Pick up/put away toys.

  • Unload the dishwasher (silverware, plastic cups, Tupperware).

  • Collect dirty clothes.

  • Put clothes in the dirty clothes hamper


Age 4-5:

  • Load the dishwasher.

  • Set the table.

  • Clear the table.

  • Feed pets.

Age 6-8

  • Help with meal prep (wash produce, find ingredients, simple cutting).

  • Clean bathroom sinks, counters, toilets.

  • Put laundry away.

  • Sweep.

  • Vacuum.

  • Collect mail.

  • Fold/hang laundry.

Age 9-11

  • Make simple meals.

  • Take out garbage/recycling.

  • Wash/dry clothes.

  • Mop floors.

Age 12-14

  • Clean tub/shower.

  • Make full meals.

  • Clean out fridge/freezer.

  • Mow yard.

  • Supervise younger children's chores. 


A bonus of your kids doing chores, the more they contribute, the more they honor and respect the house and its cleanliness. 


Let go of the little things...


With Gratitude, Appreciation, & Love,
Tracy Munson

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