Trust Yourself. You are more than likely right. (A Personal Story)

February 22, 2017

Sometimes, you need extra assistants, and that is o.k. Sometimes, you need to keep pushing until you get the answers and you're satisfied, and that is o.k. Sometimes, you just need stillness, and that is o.k. 


Back in November, I suffered from a severe migraine that affected my eye-sight, my speech, and my nervous system. I had never experienced anything like it before. In fact, the only time I had ever suffered from a migraine was when I was pregnant. (And no, I was not pregnant, my lovely cycle had assured that). Following this, I had a constant headache that has begun to effect my productivity. 

Following my migraine, for two days, I had been stuck on the couch. This is NOT me. However, with that being said, my body was trying to tell me something, so I rested. 


I had been in and out of the doctor more in those last few months then I think I have in my whole life. But each time, without any real thoroughness, I am brushed off with "You're young and healthy."


I did go and see my doctor the day after my migraine, as I didn't know if those symptoms were 'normal' or not. O.k, in my mind, of course they weren't normal! No one should suffer like that! Anyways, my doctor pretty much said, "Ya, those symptoms can occur for a migraine, hmm." He then left the room without a word and came back shortly with two white boxes. He said, as he held up the two boxes, "Next time, try this pill. Then the next time after that, try this pill, and tell me which one works better." "You're young and healthy, I don't think we need to do further testing."


O.k, no. I didn't want to treat my migraines, I wanted to figure out why I am getting migraines all of a sudden and had other symptoms as well. So....not good enough for me. 



This is where many people would say o.k., I guess I have to live with it. Nothing is wrong with me....

From past experience, through the lives of my clients, I know NOT to stop until I get the answers I want!

I am so grateful for those lessons....






I had been wanting to make an appointment with my Naturopath for some time for the other symptoms I have been experiencing, but the migraine pushed me to do it. So I did....


After some blood work and a hormonal saliva test from my Naturopath, I got some answers. My hormone levels were within "normal", however the ratio between my estrogen and progesterone was WAY off. AND my thyroid levels were also within normal, HOWEVER, my body produces an antibody that attacks my thyroid; aka Hashimoto's Disease. 


I've been on treatments for a month now and no longer have a constant headache, my energy levels are way up, and I am starting to feel like myself again. 



If you feel like something is 'off' or just not right. Don't take no for an answer. Keep pushing until you get the results AND Proof you are satisfied with. YOU know your body better than ANYONE!


Trust Yourself.


With love, appreciation, & gratitude,
Tracy Munson


"Assisting overwhelmed moms with young kids, restore their calm and happiness, even through the busyness."-Tracy Munson



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