Perspective.....Enjoy Every Moment.

January 23, 2017

On a gorgeous morning at Sun Peaks, we had 6 inches of fresh snow; it was the perfect day to catch some fresh powder. 

We are blessed to have our kids go to school at Sun Peaks Resort. They get to ski everyday and experience a very unique perspective on school.


Today, when I dropped my three kids off at school, bundled up in their snow gear and skis in tow, I passed half a dozen moms ready to hit the slopes after dropping their kids off. Three of them made comments about how amazing today is going to be and too bad I have Ella or I could come along.

Too bad I have Ella? My daughter just turned 3, and I feel blessed I have her. I know they didn't mean it in that context, but it definitely got me thinking.....

I am grateful everyday for the time I have with my kids. 



I have four kids, all of whom I love dearly. With my first three kids, I went back to school or work full-time, when they were 5-7 months old. Time went by so quickly, next thing I knew, my oldest daughter was five! I had a three year old, a two year old, and I was 7 months pregnant with my forth. I felt like I had missed so much, I was consumed with guilt, and that is when it all hit me.




Comments, like the ones from earlier, could make you resent your position; being at home with your kids, wishing you could be somewhere else. Maybe not skiing, but maybe going out with the girls, going on a trip, just being able to do what you want when you want. 


Soon those days will come, soon your kids will be all grown up and you will be able to have the freedom you desire. 

Slow down, enjoy each moment, everything else can wait. 




There WILL be another fresh powder day, there WILL be another opportunity to go out with the girls, there WILL be another trip adventure, there WILL be more :).


Oh and the will be waiting for you also, take that extra time with your kids if they ask. Get down on the floor with them and play whatever it is they have in mind.


Enjoy everyday and every moment. Life is a gift, enjoy it.

So much love, appreciation, & gratitude,
Tracy Munson


"Assisting overwhelmed moms with young kids, restore their calm and happiness, even through the busyness."-Tracy Munson



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