Release the Fog...Cherish the Calm

November 29, 2016

I am sitting in my bed, all the kids are asleep, and the hubby is off having a well deserved guys night. I am grateful.


I had a bath and meditated. The calm was blissful and with it brought such peace and I mean true peace with where life is. A huge message that arose was to share to "Cherish the quiet, cherish the laughs, cherish all aspects of what life brings; the good, the bad, the hard." 

Often, we cherish the good, but for many the good is overseen by the hard or negative times. The quote that I love to share, "You may have had a bad moment, however don't allow it to be a bad day." In the beautiful work that I do, it is common to hear that phrase, "I am having a bad day." I love to ask why, to hear in fact that often, it is only one or two moments in their day. Then I ask, what good happened? Often the good over rules the bad....once they have reviewed and reflected, they find it. 


 Cathedral Lakes- 2016


When you have a bad moment, don't allow yourself to say "I'm having a bad day", with that statement, you are inviting more 'bad' things to come. Give yourself permission to have a bad moment and move forward. It is very possible that 'bad' moment was there to make you stronger by bringing forward a life discovery (a mistake, lesson, or failure), to bring realization and awareness.


Allow the positive things that occur in your day to lift you up and move you forward, open your awareness to seeing them more often and more clearly. 


"Release the fog, feel at peace with where you are at in life, and Just Be."


Much love,
Tracy Munson

Mom's Coach

"Assisting overwhelmed moms with young kids restore their calm, even through the busyness."

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