Beauty All Around

September 27, 2016

This weekend was one filled with eye opening beauty. I like to see myself as a positive person and one to find the good in all situations, but this weekend brought a larger awareness in the beauty that surrounds us.

In a very secluded, but magical place my eyes and heart were opened to a level I never imagine possible. WOW!!


 Cathedral Lakes Lodge- 600m elevation hike (2600m or 8530 ft above sea level)

We were invited to go along on this trip just a couple weeks ago, and without knowing much about it or many details, I said YES! 

We hiked up to the "Rim Trail" which has a breathtaking 360 degree view or the Coastal Range, North Cascades and Thompson Plateau. It was a pretty intense trail going up, but when we reached the top, the most amazing feeling overcame me. WOW!!! We just hiked up 600m in elevation and made it!!! A huge celebratory moment and one to cherish! 

The colours and landscape changes we hiked through were pure beauty and magical. It took my breath away and really put into perspective how magnificent our province is! Before this weekend, I had no idea that this beautiful place existed only a few hours away!




When given the opportunity for something new and unknown, say YES!! You may be pleasantly surprised at what comes out of it. You may find a new passion or hobby that makes your heart happy, meet new friends, receive reminders of how beautiful our world is. You may be challenged, be amazed at what you can accomplish, and have wonderful personal growth. The possibilities are endless!

It is easy to stay in the comfortable, but if you challenge yourself to step into the uncomfortable, you will most definitely grow and receive insights that may assist in you. Anything is possible! I love seeing my clients get to this place. A place of embracing the moment, which results in a happier and easier flow in life. 


It is possible to have it all, the balance, the happiness, the ease and flow, and simply enjoy all that life brings. This is my passion, and I am grateful to assist others in finding it. 

Be grateful everyday, appreciate the beauty that surrounds you, and fill yourself with love and happiness.

Much love,
Natural Health Strategist & Coach.

Assisting you to live a life of balance, love, and happiness.


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