August 17, 2016


Something that has been coming up a lot for my clients lately, that I too struggled with in the past, that I feel I need to share. 


Looking at all your relationships you have in your life, some are easy, pure and loving, while others are harder and you may struggle to get along sometimes. Do you often wonder why? Or maybe you have an idea, but I encourage you to read on, you may find a new perspective. 


I love the mirror exercise that was introduced to me early on in my self-discovery. If you are having an issue with someone or something that they have done or do, first self-reflect. Often, what we do not like about someone else, is in fact a reflection of what we do. 


An example that often comes up with my clients, is about control. The dislike of being controlled by a particular individual. This is often a problem because they are used to being the controller.


NO WAY!! I am not like that?!?! It is easy to reflect blame onto another, but that does not do you any good. Self-reflect. Ask yourself, do I do that? Why is this such an issue for me? Be honest with yourself. Start noticing your interactions with others, are you doing that particular thing that bothered you?


This has nothing to do with fault, it is a tool to build your self-awareness and self-observance. This will allow you to grow and discover. When two people with the same strong personality traits come together, often there is conflict because of similar dominating traits. With increased self-awareness and self-observance, you will be able to accept the situation for what it is, accept that person for who they are, and they will no longer have the affect on you that they once did. 


Of course there will be times when you say no, just self-reflect first to confirm it is a true no. If it is a solid no, remember "No one can affect you, unless you let them."

Much love, gratitude & appreciation,
Tracy Munson
Natural Health Strategist & Coach




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