...It's Holding You Back

August 3, 2016


Have you every really wanted to do something, but feel like you can't because of someone else's opinion, needs, and or judgments?


As difficult as it is, you may need to let go of people that are holding you back, inhibiting your growth, or affecting your health. 


Often out of guilt we will hold onto relationships that are damaging to our self-worth, in turn affecting our health and well-being. These relationships can be with family, friends, through work, extra curricular activity, etc. Through expectation, the length of time you've known a person, or because they are family, you may feel obligated to hold onto those relationships.


Some of the most damaging relationships to our self-worth can be with ones that have controlling and manipulating tendencies.


Know that you are in control of you, no one else can control you unless you let them. When it comes down to it, it is your choice. 


Live the life you love, filled with happiness and passion.


Release with love.

Sending with much love,

Tracy Munson

-Natural Health Strategist & Coach-



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