The Life YOU Want....

July 26, 2016


This can be a truly difficult question to answer.  Right from the beginning, we are shown the things we "should have", what it is meant to be successful, and what life should look like through societal expectation and opinion. 

So, are you living the life you want? Or one that has been portrayed as the one you want? 


Are you working a job you love? Do you have time for fun, the things you love, and your family? Are you truly happy or do you put on a mask to hide how you are truly feeling?


If you are doing what you love, you are truly fortunate.


Unfortunately, not many people get to experience that or even know the different. 


Because of societal expectation and opinion, some people never get to see or experience who they really are or what they really love to do. But rather, what is socially expressed as acceptable and successful. No wonder there are so many angry and frustrated people in our world. If more people did what they loved and did less of worrying about what others think, people would be a lot happier, less stressed and more caring for others Resulting in a much happier place. 


Not everyone is the same, we are all unique, not everyone's opinion of success is the same. For some it is about money, the CEO position in a large company, the big house, new truck, and boat, but for others it is doing a job they love and are happy doing it, while assisting others, with less stuff and extra time for fun. This will be unique to each person. What does success mean to you? 


If you don't know what you like to do, my last blog post may help Your Happiness=Passion & Purpose


"Feel happy, rather than think you are happy"


Much love, gratitude, & appreciation,
Tracy Munson

-Natural Health Strategist & Coach




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