Your Passions=Happiness & Purpose

July 19, 2016


What is Passion? According to oxford dictionary it is a strong and barely controllable emotion: an intense desire or enthusiasm for something or a thing arousing enthusiasm. Something that makes you so happy and left feeling fulfilled, that is your passion.  


Many people do not know what their passions are; what they love to do. If they do, most don't do them enough. I believe this is so important in everyone's life, as a mom, it is crucial.


If you have a passion or hobby you really enjoy, do lots of it. However, if you are struggling to find things that you love to do, start exploring new activities and hobbies. Some examples of passions that may assist in your journey to finding yours:

~Hobbies at home

                  -cooking, baking, knitting, scrapbooking, etc.


~Enriched hobbies

                   -educational pursuits that improve the mind, ie. Leaning a new language, music lessons, blogging, etc.

~Social Activities

                    -volunteering, game nights, clubs, etc.

~Creative hobbies

                    -art, scrapbooking, drawing, etc.


                    -antiques, art, etc.


Do any of these spike your interest? Take a note and see what you can find in your community. Sometimes when you’re not sure where to start, simply start saying yes. When family or friends invite you to something you'd normally say no to, start saying yes.


Doing more of what you love with result in a much happier life. 


Much love, gratitude, & appreciation,
Tracy Munson

-Natural Health Strategist & Coach


My Vision:

"For all moms to think of themselves as nothing less than extraordinary!"

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