Too busy? Here's another thought....

July 12, 2016

The most raw times in my life were ones where I was learning, growing, and discovering more about myself. Some of those moments were raw and were quite painful at the time, deep darkness to happiness and love. Since becoming a mom, I have learned more about myself that I could have imagined. It took years of ignoring my feelings, to hit rock bottom and "get my stuff together".


As a women and mom, it is not uncommon to take on ‘others’ stuff”; your children's, husband's, friend's, colleague's, etc. It is also easy to put your own needs and feelings on the back burner. Becoming consumed with daily tasks; “to do” lists, work, children, finances, meals, chores, etc. makes it effortless to keep too busy. Do you find yourself saying you’re “too busy” to do something? Too busy to go out with your friends, too busy to do something you love; a hobby or activity, too busy for time with your children or busy for you? 


I once read an amazing blog, “Are You Addicted To Busyness?”, unfortunately, I can no longer locate it or find the author, but it opened my eyes to a whole new outlook. A key points that came out of this blog for me were, the idea of busyness was a badge of honor and makes some feel important, valuable and worthy. As a general society, we do not know how to be bored. Often, we are looking for some sort of stimulant. Take a moment and reflect on your daily activities, are you busy and always doing something throughout the entire day? Are you able to' just be' with you, or do you need to always be doing something? Do you find when you are taking the time for you, that your mind tends to wonder? Here is another phrase to ponder; being busy is an armor against vulnerability; a numbing strategy. “If we stay busy enough, the truth of lives won’t catch up to us.”


As a child, can you remember ever saying “I’m bored”? Seeking out an adult to give you an idea of what to do? Being “bored” in fact is a really amazing opportunity that allows you to really connect with yourself and learn how to be with just you. To enjoy the time with yourself. I believe this is a really important lesson that we also need to allow our children to experience. There are far too many circumstances when children are running from one activity to the next, or who have some form of an entertainment or stimulant at all times. Being alone and by yourself is not a bad thing, in fact it is quite the opposite, it is a necessity and should be an important part of our daily routine.


Every day brings new discoveries and insights. Children aren't the only ones learning & growing. Parents are too. Be open to learning with and from your children (directly and indirectly).


Much love, gratitude & appreciation,

Tracy Munson

Natural Health Strategist & Coach



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