At the Beginning....

August 18, 2015


Do you feel disconnected? Something is "off"? Are you frustrated, angry or lashing out? You’re so not alone and I can definitely relate and you do NOT have to live like that!

A quote that was told to me at the beginning of my self-healing journey, "Hurting people hurt people", hit so close to home for me. HOLY GUILT! Now, let that one go....

As I have previously mentioned, my husband and kids were what really flicked the switch for me and got me digging out of the deep dark pit I had put myself in. I was lucky to have a strong husband that really made it real for me when he said “You need to figure your stuff out because I cannot do this anymore.” I am so thankful for the guilt I felt, however, initially I thought he was incredible mean, a bully and insensitive.
I was pushing all “my stuff” onto him to make myself feel better, when really I needed to own it.


This was an incredibly powerful lesson to learn and is a valuable one. When you find yourself getting frustrated, angry, or lashing out, sit quietly and allow yourself to really figure out why because it has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else. I say that with lots of love :)

  • Is it directed at another person?
    If so, ask yourself “why am I giving away my power?” See what comes up for you.

  • Have you slipped away from your “me time”?
    Honouring yourself and allowing yourself to hangout and do what you love by yourself is so necessary and important.

  • Are you hiding behind your “to do list”?

     Have you become addicted to being busy? Are you staying too busy to hide from the challenges of your life? Having down time or “me time” really allows you to see the truth and notice what needs to come up for you.
    Remember: “Nothing must be done today!”

“Allow YOU to Live an Extraordinary Life!”


Have a beautiful week!
Tracy Munson

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