Valuing Relationships

July 21, 2015

Throughout your life journey, you will have many relationships. Some will last a lifetime while others may only last a few minutes. Ever person that comes into your life is there for a reason, whether it is to teach you, allow you grow, push you to become a better person, for love, etc. There is a reason.


During your life you will have many personal discoveries and you will also have discoveries brought in through other people. These discoveries are what make-up who you are today and who you will become in the future. These are opportunities to grow, better yourself and assist others along the way. When you keep an open mind, this is when you will take these discoveries and opportunities and use them for the better.

Today marks my eighth wedding anniversary. Backing up to the morning of my wedding, July 21st, 2007, my husband was already at the location for our wedding and my dad drove me the half hour to give me away. On the drive up, my dad and I had an amazing talk and he gave me some amazing advice. The advice he gave me come from his core of discoveries.


Keep in mind that passion is the foundation of a great relationship.
Communication is the foundation of your marriage.
Setting goals and accomplishing them is the foundation of togetherness as one.
Support each other in day to day frustrations and excitements.
No other words can explain honesty and loyalty as you have committed to each other on your wedding day.
Go to bed each night with a happy frame of mind.
-Never lie

-Work as a team
-Support each other

-There will be tough times, work together to get through it.

Now, if you reread that advice, it can be used in all relationships in your life. These are the foundation of any long term relationship. An amazing analogy that was shared with me at one of Colin Sprake events was to picture your life as a book, some people come into your book for a sentence, some a chapter, and other are there for your whole book. Every person that comes into your life makes your book, and a little or big piece of who you are.

Embrace all relationships in your life, as every single one of them will bring amazing discoveries.


I am thankful everyday for all the relationships I have had and have in my life. Thank you all for bring apart of it.


Have a beautiful week!!

"Live Extraordinarily YOU"


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