Reconnection to YOU

June 23, 2015


Have you ever felt so emotionally low that you couldn’t imagine getting any lower? Been so mad or frustrated with yourself that you beat yourself up and punished yourself? Maybe you feel this right now or have recently? You’re not alone, more than 350 million people suffer from depression globally and we still don’t openly talk about it. Depression is not a bad thing; it is your soul telling you that you are not doing what makes you happy, you are not living your passion, and you are on the wrong path.


What drives a person to depression can be cause by many things. For myself, it was growing up with the constant reminder of not being good enough, that I wasn’t perfect, the root being societal expectations.


Who came up with the idea that you had to look a certain way, get certain grades or you were not smart or good enough for certain schools, you should be married at a certain age, but not too young, have a career and a family and it should be easy, or at least portrayed that way to everyone else that life is perfect and nothing is wrong? I love to break it to society; everyone is absolutely amazing, just as they are!


What is really important is that you are satisfying yourself because when it comes down to it, you need to be happy with what you are doing. No one else is living your life for you. All the choices you make, you are the one who lives with the outcome, whether it turn into a discovery; a lesson, mistake, failure, or you celebrate the successes. If you go through life doing what pleases others, the mistakes, lessons, and failures will not be an easy process. However, if you are leading with your heart and doing what you feel is right in each moment, those mistakes, lessons and failures will still have an affect, but will be an easier process as they are discoveries that make you a better, stronger, and a growing individual. 


Let’s back up a moment shall we? An amazing mentor, Thomas Bahler, spoke at an event I attended. He talked about life lessons, mistakes and failures and how all these words have so much negativity and guilt surrounding them. Now, if you were to change those words and instead say that you had a discovery, it changes how you feel; it’s positive and progressive, and you own it. Your discoveries are only yours; they move you forward in life and build who you are currently and who you become.

My advices to you is be open, remain patient with yourself and remember breaking old habits and forming new ones takes time, but it is more than worth it.


Have a beautiful day!!

Live Extraordinarily YOU


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