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Core Values








Vision Statement

For all moms to think of themselves as extraordinary

Mission Statement

To assists moms around the world to take time for themselves, feel more confident, and live at ease through a personalized program designed uniquely for what is needed and works for her.


Moms who work with Tracy will always feel supported, have reassurance through the process and have continuous guidance for any situation that may arise.

Value Statement

Tracy is committed to providing a platform for moms that is supportive, provides guidance, and has her clients at mind first.


She is full of gratitude, appreciation, and has guiding principles of honesty, integrity, love, and compassion to ensure each mom's quality of life is enhanced.

Who We Support

You & Me together. 10% of all Coaching Packages go towards supporting this amazing cause


Malas available for sale at The Hive

248 Victoria St.

(100% of the proceeds go to May Cause Radiance)

May Cause Radiance is a nonprofit organization with roots in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, that aims to provide support to young adults affected by cancer. Their mission is to be a positive lighthouse within a difficult and sensitive time of your life, and to help you feel RADIANT!


They are an organized way of bringing this group of young adults together, increasing education and awareness of holistic wellbeing outside of conventional medicine, providing a “safe-place” for discussion to occur and providing experience-based guidance. We have also partnered with certified and trained professionals of various services and therapies of wellbeing, and are excited to be able to offer their services to our Radiants!



If you are a young adult who has been touched by cancer – whether you are newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment or in remission (yay!) – and if you would like to connect to others within the community that may share a similar journey, please check us out! And please, don’t get stuck on the term “young adult” – no matter what your age, if this space sounds like a place for you, we are more than happy to have you!



Please contact them via the website contact form or connect with them on Facebook (@maycauseradiance). 

About the Logo

The Logo is made up of three very important elements...

The Butterfly:
Butterflies are a spiritual connection. In the animal totem, it is primarily associated as a symbol of change and powerful transformation. A secondary meaning of the butterfly is about finding joy in life and lightness of being.

Infinity (Body of the butterfly):
The sign of infinity means endless; without limit. Endless personal and spiritual growth; without limit.


Tree with deep roots (Within butterfly wings):
The tree is a symbol of growth and the roots are a symbol of being grounded and strong for your personal self.


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